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Please provide details of your project to be quoted. The more information you can supply, the more accurate your quotation will be. We will send you a quote within 24 hours of reciept.

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Project details
Describe your project and what you need Studio Badu to do
(Including back cover and front cover if for print)
Eg: if you need business cards for your team of 4, you would need 4 different contact names so there will be 4 variations as each artwork will differ.
Please select the content you will supply
In order to provide you with an accurate quote for your project, we will need to know what you will be supplying us.
This includes custom created typography for merchandising or custom created icons.
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Do you require us to handle any post production?
Printing, web/digital development, installations, social applications/setup, manufacturing.
We will contact you if we require more information for an accurate quote. However, we can discuss the finer details of the project prior to commencing.