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Frequently asked questions

What is brand identity?
A brands identity goes beyond just a logo. It is a combination of applying both visual and emotional elements (ie: logo, brandmark, colour palette, typography, graphical elements, tone of voice, brand story etc.) that are used as tools to connect to an audience. All of these tools make up your identity, and become your brands language. This language is documented and depicted in a style guide. Branding is an essential part of any business, organisation, event, idea or a person. It shows the world who you are. How it is created and presented has a direct correlation with how an audience chooses to engage with your brand. The major key to any successfully created brand is the attention to detail and consistency.
When designed correctly, a brand becomes magnetic and has the ability to inspire action.

Do you only design brand identities and logos?
As important as it is to have a solid brand identity for consistency, we are also consulted to design marketing materials from print to digital including business cards, signage, social assets, packaging, websites, animations as well as social media and copywriting.

How much do you charge?
Each project differs greatly and as such, our quotes are based on the requirements of your project. We will be happy to discuss design packages and budget. We generally charge by project, however we also offer a range of retainer packages where the hourly fee is discounted. Please contact us for a conversation.

What is your design process?
The design process does not begin until initial deposit is made and all final content is received. If this delays the process, the schedule and deadline will need to be adjusted accordingly. To ensure your project runs smoothly and to the schedule, it is best to provide content on time and in its final form where possible. Below is our process for new design projects:

  1. An initial conversation about your project

  2. A quote will be created for you

  3. Approval of quote

  4. Invoice sent and deposit made

  5. Kick off meeting/workshop to discuss your project in detail

  6. Project schedule will be developed and sent to the you

  7. All required content supplied by you

  8. We will commence the research and design stage

  9. Feedback and revision phase

  10. Approval of final art

  11. Remaining invoice balance paid

  12. Finished art will be delivered to you

  13. Project completed

What do you expect from me as a client?
We are so thrilled that you care enough about your venture to source a specialised professional to bring your ideas to life. Designers listen, question, comprehend, and only then do we begin to create. We will work with you to understand your project’s objective and priorities and, once those goals have been established, we ask that you allow us the freedom to apply our skills and expertise on your behalf. 

Can I provide you with content during the course of the project?
We require all content from you prior to commencing the project as we will need to consider all elements for the design such as amount of copy, image resolution and orientation, style guide etc. This can effect the way in which we approach the project in order to produce quality design results.

How long will it take to complete a project? 
Each project generates its own requirements and therefore turnaround times can differ greatly. Once the deadline is agreed upon, a schedule is developed in order to meet the deadline. Occasionally, a practical reality requires the temporary postponement or acceleration of a project. We are happy to remain flexible; however, any change in a project’s schedule will require revisiting the schedule and deadline accordingly.

What happens if a project is cancelled?
Cancellations can be made at any time, with the non-refundable 50% deposit serving as the kill fee. Your project can then be resumed once full payment is made on the remaining balance. Your contract will outline the obligations in the event of cancellations and terminations.

How many rounds of revisions are there?
Our quotes are based on 2 rounds of revisions and covers the time required to apply revisions. Our experience shows that most projects only require a few rounds of revisions, and each revision stage encourages us to prioritise and thoroughly review the artwork to completion. To make the most of your round, be sure to compile all of your feedback into one concise email with clear feedback. Please let us know if you require more rounds of revisions.

Do you participate in spec work (pro-bono work)?
Our goal is to build strong and lasting relationships with clients; therefore, we do not participate in speculative work (where work is only paid for if the client decides to use it). We prefer to engage with a client in a meaningful way in order to build a suitable design solution for them, which spec work does not enable, therefore neither the designers nor the client benefit from it. Hopefully our past work and client base gives you the confidence to engage in a conversation about working together so we can decide if we are a good fit.

What are your terms of engagement?
A non-refundable deposit of 50% is due prior to work commencing. The remaining balance is due at completion of the project before final files are handed over. Payments are net 7 days and can be made by via bank transfer or online payment.

Do you work with clients outside of Australia?
Absolutely. We cater to clients internationally and can work around the time differences.

Do you offer retainers?
Yes, we offer a range of retainer packages to suit businesses with different needs. Retainers are based on pre-purchased hours at a discounted rate. Please let us know if you would like more information about our retainer packages.

Can you assist with social media management and content creation?
Yes, we provide a range of social media management packages depending on what your goals are. We would love to chat further and tailor a package to suit you.

Can you assist with copywriting?
Yes, we can. Copywriting is essential for every business in delivering a clear message that is in line with your identity. It is your direct voice to your audience. The tone and choice of words used has the ability to either make or break the way your audience connects, communicates and experiences your brand. 

What about printing?
We have solid relationships with our trusted printers both locally and internationally who specialise in a variety of fields. We can manage all of your printing needs to bring your project to life.

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